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COMMERCE – RFP – Utility Box Art Beautification

In RFP on October 31, 2016 at 11:30 pm

Utility Box Art Beautification Program, is a public art beautification program designed to transform common traffic control utility boxes in the City of Commerce, into distinctive works of art, creating a more vibrant, attractive cityscape. The program also celebrates local artists and their artwork, acts as a deterrent to graffiti, and involves the City and County residents in contributing to the beautification of the city.

ELIGIBILITY: All artists, over 18 years old, residing in Los Angeles County or the City of Commerce are eligible. Members of the Beautification Committee and their families are ineligible. Entries must be the original design and artwork of the entrant and suitable for viewing by all ages.

BUDGET: Artists will be awarded an $800 stipend, this is inclusive of all artist fees, paints, and materials. Upon selection and execution of the Artist Agreement, artists will receive an initial disbursement of funds at 50% ($400), with the remaining 50% ($400) paid upon completion of the project. Completion of the project must be verified by the Beautification Committee and City Council before funds are disbursed.

DEADLINE: November 9, 2016

QUESTIONS: Melissa Demirci at