WEST HOLLYWOOD – RFP – Public Art Exhibition (Neon) Curator

In RFP on May 2, 2019 at 6:10 pm

The City of West Hollywood through its Arts Division requests proposals from qualified individuals, teams, or firms to curate a temporary public art exhibition of contemporary neon art works. Proposals may be artistic, cultural or popular in nature and may (but are not required to) feature themes related to the City’s unique history. The City has identified a primary location for the exhibition with two unique sites that can accommodate 2 neon art works to be installed on existing foundations with electrical connections. One location is adjacent to the Virginia Court Motel Diver sign, a neon artwork in the City’s permanent urban art collection and was also a part of a 2011 exhibition titled on route – 66 lights, presented in partnership with the Museum of Neon Art. Art works included in the exhibition proposal should be able to withstand the natural elements and be ready to install in a public setting. Delicate art works that maybe vulnerable to the elements and/or public interactions are not advisable for this setting. The term of the exhibition is expected to begin in August 2019 and conclude in June 2021.

ELIGIBILITY: This is an open call to arts professionals. Proposals submitted by arts professionals, non-profit art organizations, art center, galleries and/or museums for exhibitions of emerging and established artists will be considered. The successful candidate will possess a proven record and have demonstrated abilities in curating, planning, implementing, and managing dynamic public art exhibitions of neon art. The qualified candidate will have strong organizational skills, excellent written communication skills and experience in organizing public art installations of similar scope.

DEADLINE: Friday, May 31, 2019, 5:00 PM PST

QUESTIONS: Rebecca Ehemann,, 323-848-6846


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