MEMPHIS, TN – RFQ – Multiple Projects

In RFQ on April 19, 2016 at 4:55 pm

The Urban Art Commission and the City of Memphis are commissioning public art projects to enhance two projects: John F. Kennedy Park & Army and Navy Parks.

The selection committee expressed an interest in multiple public art pieces for the John  F. Kennedy Park that will attract interest to the Park, connect the entrance to the Greenway with the Recreational area of the Park at multiple sites, with the primary focus at the Greenway; and consider sports activities currently taking place, hiking, birding and other potential activities in the Park’s future, history of the Park

The selection committee expressed an interest in a public art piece for the Army & Navy Parks that will acknowledge the historical significance of the Parks, while also benefiting the nearby business corridor; provide visitors with the ability to interact with the art through tactile or auditory elements or other methods; engage with both Army Park and Navy Park.

ELIGIBILITY: Artists must upload a profile to the artist registry to qualify for projects with the Urban Art Commission. Artists are selected for commissions in different ways depending on the funding client.

BUDGET: $71,000 John F. Kennedy Park; $90,500 Army & Navy Parks

DEADLINE: May 20, 2016

QUESTIONS: Allison Hennie, Project Manager, 901.454.0474 x102 /,



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