CITY OF CARLSBAD – RFP – Cultural Plan Consultant

In RFP on July 27, 2015 at 2:41 am

The City of Carlsbad is seeking proposals from qualified consultants or consultant teams with specific experience in community cultural planning to provide professional consulting services in the development of a comprehensive Community Cultural Plan.

The prospective consultant will develop a master plan with elements that will provide clarity and direction for arts and cultural development throughout Carlsbad; guide development of arts and cultural programs, services and facilities; create a framework and recommendations based on community input and vision; and reflect city policies and planning documents, such as policy guidelines and other city master plans.

The consultant will work closely with city staff, the Arts Commission and the community in preparing the Community Cultural Plan. The consultant will create a full report and executive summary for public distribution.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to qualified consultants with no geographical limitations

BUDGET: Budget available upon request

DEADLINE: September 4, 2015

QUESTIONS: John DeRego, City of Carlsbad, Purchasing/Contract Admin., Tel:(760) 602-2467. If you have any questions regarding the bid process, please contact the Finance/Purchasing Department at (760) 602-2430.



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