CITY OF MOORPARK – RFQ – Police Services Center

In RFQ on March 23, 2015 at 5:47 pm

An artist is sought to design, fabricate, and install an artwork or artworks at the City of Moorpark Police Services Center at 610 Spring Road, Moorpark, California, 93021. Artists working in all mediums may apply but sculpture in metals, concrete, and other solid mediums are preferred. Projects using wall murals or art affixed to walls will not be accepted. The site for the artwork(s) is the general courtyard area at the Police Services Center on the northeast corner of the intersection of Spring Road and Flinn Avenue in Moorpark, California. The approximate area is 2,500 square feet and is currently improved with a square “criss-cross” pattern of turf divided by concrete curbs and includes purple plum trees. All or part of these improvements may be modified with the City’s consent as a part of the public art project.

ELIGIBILITY: Any professional artist who permanently resides in the State of California is eligible to apply.

BUDGET:  Approximately $145,000 for design, fabrication, and installation for the Artwork. The budget is all-inclusive and a proposed price must include all design fees; travel expenses; all labor, materials and fabrication costs; lighting and signage (if necessary); insurance costs; site-preparation costs; traffic control costs; engineering expenses; shipping and transportation to the site; installation; any applicable permit fees and taxes; any other expenses related to the design, fabrication, installation, and documentation of this project.  Artists are responsible for travel expenses including travel to interviews and meetings, if invited. No separate budget exists to support project-related travel for artists during the selection phase.

DEADLINE: May 1, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. PST

QUESTIONS: Jessica Sandifer, Management Analyst, or 805-517-6225



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