CITY OF GLENDALE – RFP – BEYOND THE BOX: A Utility Box Mural Program

In RFP on March 21, 2014 at 12:31 am

The City of Glendale Arts and Culture Commission has designed a program to support public art programs and to enhance the community and neighborhoods through the use of murals. The project, Beyond the Box, would enhance the aesthetics of the city, promote civic pride, increase pedestrian traffic and extend public art to new areas and unexpected places while creating an attractive environment and allowing art to be introduced to the public in a creative and inventive way. The program goal is to bring beauty to unexpected places such as public infrastructure and utility boxes.

ELIGIBILITY: This project is open to all local and regional artists. The Commission encourages applications from both new and established artists, but Glendale applicants may be given preference. Artists may apply as an individual artist or as a group.

DEADLINE: April 18, 2014

BUDGET: The Arts and Culture Commission will fund up to $750.00 per utility box, inclusive of all artist’s fees, paints and materials. The Commission anticipates selecting artwork for up to 26 utility boxes.

QUESTIONS: Annette Vartanian, Arts & Culture Program Supervisor, (818) 548-2030,



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